HARTL donates to “Casa Pater Berno” in Bacova/Timis.

“Casa Pater Berno” Day Center for children in Bacova, Timiş county, is part of the Caritas Federation of the Episcopacy in Timisoara and is operating since 2009. The main objective of the center is to prevent school failure, abandonment and institutionalization of children by providing hot meals and activities of care, education, recreation, socialization and advice. The motto under which the day care center operates is “A meal not only for the body, but also for the soul” says Herbert Grun, Director of Caritas Federation of the Episcopacy in Timisoara.

The target group for “Casa Pater Berno” Day Center is children from socially disadvantaged families, children from families at risk of social exclusion and children with disabilities. In 2013, 34 children (school years I – VIII) benefited from the support provided by the center.

In 2013, HARTL Group again donated a considerable amount of money to “Casa Pater Berno” Day Center for children, keeping the promise to continuously contribute a part in the future for helping children in need.