What keeps Hartl “One step ahead’?


What keeps us One step ahead? The answer is quite simple. People. Because we know that it’s always been about people. We have our own specialized online recruiting platform and digital programs...

What keeps Hartl “One step ahead’?2019-09-16T14:32:56+03:00

Hartl is awarded the UK Border Force Accreditation


Over the recent years we have witnessed increased turbulence and clandestine activities at the UK border crossing. The situation has raised safety concerns for our drivers as well as for our clients’ interest...

Hartl is awarded the UK Border Force Accreditation2019-09-20T16:53:10+03:00

Hartl welcomes new Euro 6 trucks!


With 3 branch offices in Europe, more than 300 employees, a fleet of hundreds of trucks and over 100 permanently contracted partners, there’s always something new happening at Hartl Connect...

Hartl welcomes new Euro 6 trucks!2019-09-20T16:53:32+03:00

A meal not only for the body, but also for the soul


“Casa Pater Berno” Day Center for children in Bacova, Timiş county, is part of the Caritas Federation of the Episcopacy in Timisoara and is operating since 2009. The main objective of the center...

A meal not only for the body, but also for the soul2019-09-16T14:32:57+03:00
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