Connected through a large network of transportation companies:

Providing transport solutions throughout Europe in a fast and flexible manner is only possible with strong local partners. Thanks to our constantly growing pool of carriers all over Europe, we have links with over one hundred transport companies. We pride ourselves in creating connections that bring added value for all concerned:

Added value for each individual can only be generated if there is a partnership working behind it. At the heart of this is transparency and reliability on all sides. Our real-time tracking system is one of the tools that help us implement this principle. Also, we are developing ourselves consistently and are only satisfied with the very highest quality. Constant dialogue with our customers and partners regarding the process and outcome improvements are, as far as we are concerned, a must for meeting this objective.

We are constantly on the lookout for reliable partners with integrity and a modern fleet of vehicles. If you think this is you and you would like to join us in providing superior service to customers, please contact us on +43 (0)50 9033.