As of November 2017, Hartl has become a fully accredited member of the U.K. Border Force’s Civil Penalty Accreditation Scheme.

Over the recent years we have witnessed increased turbulence and clandestine activities at the UK border crossing. The situation has raised safety concerns for our drivers as well as for our clients’ interest. In response to this, provided the importance of safety at Hartl we have initiated the process to put in place heightened security measures.

We have engaged in extensive discussions and safety concerning activities with increased investments in strengthening our measures to ensure we are in a position to meet the conditions required by the UK Border Force.

Our efforts have been recognized by being awarded the accreditation which testifies that our security and safety measures are at the top of the industry’s standards for cross-Channel routes.

We will continue monitoring the development of the events to be prepared for any crisis situation with the best security measures possible.